DIY Guides

Transform your home with our DIY guides for tiling walls and floors. Expert advice, whether you’re improving your kitchen, bathroom or hallway. Choose from our collection of tiles and accessories and get started today! Get in touch for more tips from our team.

In-depth guides to get you started on your home project, no matter your previous experience.

Tiling Guide

Our guides offer all you need to know about tiling in one place, follow our easy step-by-step guides on tiling.

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How To Cut Wall Tiles: 6 Helpful Methods

How To Grout Tiles In 8 Easy Steps

Maintenance Guides

Tiles require regular cleaning and maintenance. Follow our guides for the best way to maintain your tiles.

The Best Way To Clean Kitchen Tiles

How To Fix Mouldy Grout Between Tiles

How To Remove And Replace Sealant – The Definitive 4 Step Guide

6 Step Guide: How To Remove And Replace A Broken Tile