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At Eurotiles & Bathrooms we have a exciting spectrum of tile colours, shades and finishes. Whatever colour tile you’re looking for, you can be certain to find it with us.

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Our extensive range of tiles come in a variety of colours including, beiges, whites and black/charcoal tiles, as well as vibrant colours. Why not add some character into an old room by using our wall or floor tiles to create a space that you enjoy spending your time in?

Whether you choose a natural stone finish, such as marble or a vibrant mosaic effect, at Eurotiles & Bathrooms we have the texture, colour and finish to suit your individual interior design needs.

Popular tile colours

Neutral and earth tones

These tones are very on trend because of the vast options available and their versatile nature. If you’re looking for inspiration, why not consider a matching wall and floor tile in the bathroom and a contrasting mosaic pattern in the shower area?


One of the most versatile of all colours, white. The use of white can look incredibly stylish and has the ability to add a touch of elegance to any environment, even more so when it is paired with cold shades.


Black has the potential to look mysteriously sleek and is a great choice for ceramic tiles. Why not add a touch of black to create an industrial look? If paired with a lighter, contrasting shade, black can also be incorporated into a living room to add a touch of sophistication.


Grey is the perfect colour to tastefully brighten a room. It is extremely adaptable and timeless due to its minimalist and aesthetically pleasing nature.

How to choose the right colour tile?

We always suggest that you start by considering your interiors, such as furniture and work surfaces. Do you have a feature piece, such as a piece of art work or a statement chair that you would like to pull an accent colour from?

Next, you should begin to consider the atmosphere you would like to create, whether that’s neutral, vibrant or cool. You should now be able to select a colour scheme for your tiles. When choosing your tiles be sure to use our advanced search tool to filter by colour.

If you’re still unsure about which colour to choose, please visit our inspiration gallery which has many examples of how you can achieve beautiful interior design through tiles.

Contact our team

If you need additional assistance choosing your tile colours, please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists are ready and waiting to assist.