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At Eurotiles & Bathrooms we stock a beautiful collection of rectified tiles. Rectified tiles are perfect for those looking to create a space with a polished, continuous and smooth look.even better value!

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Why should you choose rectified tiles?

Ceramic, porcelain wood and outdoor tiles are all available as a rectified version. Rectified tiles have undergone specific processing to achieve very clear and precise edges. This finish is created by machines to ensure that all dimensions are strictly followed, resulting in tiles that share the exact same size.

As a result of this careful procedure, rectified tiles allow for perfect symmetrical patterns and pleasing aesthetics. In addition, they also boast very narrow, tidy grout lines, which again helps to achieve the perfect finish. Rectified tiles are often used in wooden tiling to ensure that they look as realistic as possible, making them the optimum choice for those looking to evoke a sense of rustic ethnicity in their interior design.

What is the difference between rectified & non-rectified?

To help you decide on whether you should use a rectified or non-rectified tile in your interior design we have provided a comparison below of their differences.

Non-Rectified Tile

A non-rectified tile is any tile that has natural pressed edges, and consequently each tile produced is a slightly different size. In terms of installation, this tends to result in larger grout lines in order to hide these small differences. Larger grout lines can mean that it looks less pleasing to the eye and often requires a greater amount of cleaning.

Rectified Tile

Rectified tiles have perfectly crisp 90 degree edges, allowing for perfect installation with the use of very little grout. The finished result is a clean, polished modern look which is extremely aesthetically pleasing. Typically, rectified tiles are more expensive to purchase and a little trickier to install, but the results are worth the investment..

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If you need additional assistance choosing between a rectified or non-rectified tile you can get in touch with us via our contact page or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists will help with your request.

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