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Eurotiles & Bathrooms is home to an incredible array of tiles that have been uniquely designed to reflect your taste and fit your needs. Our collection features a selection of finishes that allows you to dress your home in a distinctive style.

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How do I choose which tile finish is right for me?

It takes time, careful consideration and money to select your perfect floor and wall tiles and that’s where Eurotiles & Bathrooms are here to help you along the way.

Choosing tiles can be overwhelming, with so many styles and finishes to choose from and that’s why we always advise our customers to start with a look in mind. Are you interested in a sleek, modern, rustic or classic look? Knowing this in advance will help you filter/narrow down your tile finish choices and design aspirations.

Don’t forget we also do outdoor garden tiles too in a range of finishes. Perfect for updating tour outdoor space.

Be sure to use our useful filter tool above or visit a Eurotiles & Bathrooms store where one of our specialists will be more than happy to assist you.

Below is a summary of our most popular tile finishes

Glossy finish tiles

Glossy finish tiles have a shiny surface coating and make as a beautiful option for walls and floors. Due to their, silken finish they are perfect for smaller rooms as they will help reflect light around the space. Glossy finish tiles are great for use on bathroom walls and kitchen splash backs, as they can be wiped clean.

Matte finish tiles

Matte finish tiles have a granular and hard surface with a non-reflective matte finish. They are an obvious choice for anyone creating a traditional or rustic look. They can also be easily paired with natural stone which can add a touch of luxury to porcelain or ceramic tiles.

Lappato finish tiles

Lappato means in Italian ‘semi polished’. This form of tile has been polished but not deep enough to attain the lustre of a full reflective polish. The main characteristic of this finish is that has two depths. Usually, one level is matt, while the other is shiny. As it is able to reflect the light this can make for a very interesting design.

Contact our team

If you would like further help choosing the perfect tiling finish for your home then don’t hesitate to get in touch and speak with one of our experienced and friendly team members. Simply call the number of your nearest branch, or visit us in store.

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