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At Eurotiles & Bathrooms we have a large array of tiles in a variety of different sizes for you to choose from. Whether you’re looking for a small mosaic tile, a large tile or anything in between, you can be sure to find them with us.

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Creative possibilities

Are you overwhelmed with the amount of tiles available in different sizes and unsure of which size tile to use in each room, or in each section of a room? No problem! We are here to assist.

By selecting the correct size tile you have the ability to enhance both the space of the room and the light. Many believe that by using small tiles they will be able to make their room look larger. However, small tiles actually create more joints which draws in the eye and can ultimately make the room appear smaller.

Kitchen and bathroom ideas

If you are looking to enhance your kitchen or bathroom then we suggest using medium or large, plain style tiles. For something a little more creative, you could consider brightening the room with a lively mosaic border or focal point.

Small tiles or brick-shaped tiles are more suited to kitchens and have the ability to transform a kitchen into a room of contemporary elegance. To help you decide on which size tile to choose, we have provided a breakdown of each of their benefits below.


Our collection of large tiles goes up to 316mmx900mm and includes a number of chic, vibrant designs from premium manufacturers. These larger style tiles, such as almira are perfect for use throughout the home and outdoors and are an optimum way to achieve a flawless finish with minimal joints.

They are particularly suited for use on floors and walls in your bathroom, living area, kitchen or conservatory.


We consider anything under 300mm x 600mm as a medium sized tile. Medium sized tiles are often thought to be the easiest tile to fit due to how simple they are to cut and are therefore suitable if you want to refresh your home yourself as a DIY project, without professional help.


If you’re looking to create a feature area or add a touch of character to a simply designed kitchen, then small tiles such as our orvieto rose gold modular mosaic are the perfect choice. You can use small tiles in vibrant colours, high gloss or in a textured finish to create a unique feel in your home by adding warmth and interest into a tiled area.

Get in touch for further help

Take a look at our tiles and get in touch with our team if you have any questions, or want tailored advice for your home project and selecting the best-sized tiles for your aims and aesthetics.

Call us or stop by one of our branches to speak with our specialists who will be happy to help!

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