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2cm Thick Outdoor Tiles For Garden

2cm outdoor porcelain tiles are a popular option for your outdoor space, as they’re extremely tough and work well in harsher or colder environments. Perfect for use in gardens, patios, on terraces, balconies or nearly any other outdoor area, browse our high quality range of 2cm floor tiles below.

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Shop 2cm outdoor tiles in creative styles and colours. Very easy to lay and extremely long lasting, they create aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces with minimal effort.

Why choose 2cm thick outdoor tiles

One of our most popular ranges of tiles for external use are our 2cm thick outdoor tiles. These porcelain outdoor tiles are becoming the best choice for stylish patios as they’re more durable than 1cm tiles and as a result, are ideal for British weather, especially winters.

Available in many combinations of colours and designs, you can get creative to plan the visual look that appeals most to you, whilst knowing they will perform to your expectations. From concrete effect, natural wood effect and marble effect, get inspired and you’ll soon be enjoying a beautiful outdoor living space for your family, friends and guests.

Enhanced durability

2cm outdoor tiles have benefits across the board. They’re more hard wearing and stronger than 1cm tiles and that valuable 1cm extra thickness improves their durability to:

2cm tiles also come in a variety of textured finishes, many of which are slip-resistant for poolside or winter use. Both beautiful and long-lasting, they cater to many outdoor use purposes. Extra durability means that once you fit your garden with 2cm tiles, you’ll rarely need to worry about serious maintenance and especially not about replacing broken or cracked tiles.

Easy to fit

2cm outdoor tiles are very easy to install and can be put in place over many different types of outside surfaces. For example, they can be laid on top of solid flat outdoor surfaces with raised feet or even higher up, on pedestals. This can allow water to run freely underneath, preventing flooding or upheaval from ice. Of course, they can be installed using traditional tile adhesive on flat concrete surfaces.

2cm tiles are also heavier than 1cm tiles and are therefore easier to install on more slippery surfaces like sand, where they can even be left freestanding. The same goes for grass; the extra cm of thickness and therefore weight ensures that grass is less likely to grow over the top.

Range of tile types and styles

2cm tiles come in many styles designed to imitate a range of materials from Italian stones to contemporary synthetic surfaces. Popular colour options such as light grey and dark grey are available, adding a beautiful effect to any patio area. Other options such as stone effect or slate effect tiles create a textured and natural aesthetic.

We also have modular sets of 2cm tiles available for patterning in various ways. 2cm tiles are typically made from porcelain, but can imitate all sorts of stone or other surfaces very well. With gloss finish, matt and textured finishes, 2cm tiles pair perfectly with exterior designs of all types.

For garden and home renovation

2cm tiles are perfect for home and garden renovation projects. Firstly, they lend many construction benefits over other flooring types given that they’re far easier to maintain, clean and last much longer.

Secondly, they’re extremely versatile and can easily be moved around in case you change your mind on where best to place them.

Thirdly, they’re available in many different shapes, sizes and styles to ensure you have a great array of choice when choosing the best tile for your home project. You can find tiles that complement your kitchen tiles and blend perfectly indoors and outdoors. Tiles also reduce allergies and are anti-slip, even when wet.

What kind of tile is best for outdoor use?

When it comes to outdoor tiles, the most important factor to consider is durability and weather resistance. Porcelain and ceramic tiles are a popular choice as they are made with a dense material that is able to withstand extreme temperatures, frost, and moisture. Choosing 2cm thick outdoor porcelain tiles is an even better option as the extra thickness offers extra protection.

If you prefer natural stone options, our 2cm thick outdoor tiles come in a range of styles, so you can enjoy extra durability alongside a beautiful stone effect design that fits in with your outdoor space.

What is the difference between outdoor tiles and pavers?

Tiles tend to be made out of porcelain and ceramic materials which are then laid together and grouted to create a smooth surface. Pavers are individual slabs that tend to be made from concrete or natural stone materials and are usually laid individually in a specific formation.

Whilst tiles and paving slabs both are excellent options for use as a garden walkway or patio, porcelain outdoor tiles have several benefits over pavers when it comes to outdoor spaces. First and foremost, tiles provide a smooth and uniform surface, making them ideal for creating paths, walkways and seating areas. This uniformity can create a sleek and modern look in a garden.

Additionally, tiles require less maintenance than pavers as they do not have the gaps and seams that pavers have, reducing the risk of weed growth and making cleaning easier. Tiles also have a higher resistance to moisture and weather, making them more durable and long-lasting than paving slabs in outdoor environments.

Another benefit of tiles versus pavers is their versatility in design, as they come in a wide range of colours, sizes, and finishes. This allows for greater flexibility in creating unique and visually appealing garden spaces. Overall, tiles offer a low-maintenance and visually appealing option for garden hardscaping and design.

How long do garden tiles last?

Generally, high-quality porcelain and ceramic outdoor tiles can last for many years, with some lasting up to 25 years. The longevity of garden tiles can be extended with proper installation and maintenance, which includes sealing the tiles to protect against moisture and regular cleaning to remove dirt and debris. In terms of wear and tear, garden tiles are more durable than pavers and can withstand heavy foot traffic and harsh weather conditions. Overall, with proper care and maintenance, garden tiles can last for many years and provide a durable and visually appealing solution for outdoor patios and walkways.

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