2cm Floor Tiles

2cm floor tiles are a super popular option for outdoor tiles as they’re extremely tough and work well in harsher or colder environments. Perfect for use in gardens, on terraces, balconies or nearly any other outdoor area, browse our high quality range of 2cm floor tiles below.

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Shop 2cm floor tiles in creative styles and colours ranging from classic to contemporary, bright and loud to minimalist, natural to modern. Very easy to lay, they create an aesthetically pleasing outdoor patio area in no time.

2cm thick outdoor tiles

One of our most popular ranges of tiles for external use are our 2cm thick outdoor tiles. These porcelain tiles are becoming the best choice for stylish patios as they’re more durable than 1cm tiles and as a result, are ideal for British weather, especially winters.

Available in many combinations of colours and designs, you can get creative to plan the visual look that appeals most to you, whilst knowing they will perform to your expectations. From textured stone to a more natural look, get inspired and you’ll soon be enjoying a beautiful outdoor living space for your family, friends and guests.

Enhanced durability

2cm tiles have benefits across the board. They’re more durable and stronger than 1cm tiles and that valuable 1cm extra thickness improves their durability in the following areas:

  • To loads – 2cm slabs can typically withstand loads of over 1000kg. They are more resistant to shock than 1cm tiles.
  • To heat or cold – 2cm slabs can take highs of 60c and lows of below -50c. They are therefore slip resistant across a wider range of temperature than 1cm tiles.
  • To Harmful Agents – 2cm slabs efficiently resist many acids, e.g. from rainwater, salts from the earth and other corrosive chemicals from gardens, e.g. fertiliser.

2cm tiles also come in a variety of textured finishes, many of which are slip-resistant for poolside or winter use. Both beautiful and long-lasting, they cater to many exterior use purposes. Extra durability means that once you fit your garden with 2cm tiles, you’ll rarely need to worry about serious maintenance and especially not about replacing broken or cracked tiles.

Easy to fit

2cm tiles are very easy to install and can be put in place over many different types of outside surfaces. For example, they can be laid on top of solid flat outdoor surfaces with raised feet or even higher up, on pedestals. This can allow water to run freely underneath preventing flooding or upheaval from ice. Of course, they can be installed using traditional tile adhesive on flat concrete surfaces.

2cm tiles are also heavier than 1cm tiles and are therefore easier to install on more slippery surfaces like sand where they can even be left freestanding. The same goes for grass; the extra cm of thickness and therefore weight ensures that grass will less easily grow over the top.

Tile types and styles

2cm tiles come in many styles designed to imitate many materials from Italian stones to contemporary synthetic surfaces. From contemporary stone to brighter more modern clean porcelain or darker stone-effect tiles, 2cm tiles will fit into any outdoor space design easily.

We also have modular sets of 2cm tiles available for patterning in various ways. 2cm tiles are typically made from porcelain but can imitate all sorts of stone or other surfaces very well. With gloss glazing or matted, textured finishes, 2cm tiles pair perfectly with exterior designs of all types.

For garden and home renovation

Tiles including 2cm tiles are perfect for home and garden renovation projects. Firstly, they lend many construction benefits over other flooring types given that they’re far easier to maintain, clean and last much longer.

Secondly, they’re extremely versatile and can easily be moved around in case you change your mind of where best to place them and thirdly, they’re available in many different shapes, sizes and styles to ensure you have a great array of choice when choosing the best tile for your home project. Tiles also reduce allergies and are anti-slip, even when wet.

Typical sizes

The sizes of 2cm tiles vary with larger options e.g. 800m x 400mm or 600mm x 600mm or smaller options ranging from 600mm x 300mm and 300mm x 300mm. Some packs, e.g. our Ecuador packs, cover areas of 1.28sq meters and are available as either matching or modular tile packs,

Contact our team

If you’d like to receive any more information on 2cm external tiles then please contact us. We’re available via email and phone and you can also visit us in-store to view our 2cm tile ranging in person.

We’re always up for helping you in whichever way we can so contact us today for product or DIY information and advice!