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Getting a customer to invest in good maintenance products isn’t easy. Having bought new tiles – and possibly other ancillaries – they’re generally not terribly receptive to an ‘aftercare sales pitch’. The problem is that when it comes to natural materials, people really do need to be educated. And, the introduction of so many fabulous natural-effects has made this even more imperative.

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Don’t let aftercare be an after thought
Shop our range of high quality, great value cleaning supplies for your wall and floor tiles. If in doubt about which is right for your material, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We stock a wide range of sealer and cleaning products from trusted brand LTP to help you keep your tiles looking as good as new, as well as protected.

Browse everything from ironwax satin surface sealer, intensive cleaner for mould and power stripper, as well as specific cleaner for floor tiles.

Check you have the right cleaner for the tile material
A few years ago a supplier of ours received a call from the owner of a London-based cleaning business needing help. Starting at the top of the walls, one of the cleaners applied a spray detergent and left it to run down the face of the brown-toned marble.

The detergent used was a general-purpose kitchen and bathroom cleaner designed to remove limescale and dirt. On a marble-effect porcelain or ceramic surface, this probably wouldn’t have caused too much of an issue but because the product was highly acidic, contact with the delicate polished marble caused etching and irreversible damage to the whole of the wall surface.

In some instances, an attempt could have been made to re-burnish the marble, to polish out the damage, but the amount of water needed and the size of the bathroom ruled this out. The huge improvement in digital print technology has, in many ways, compounded this problem. Tile manufacturers have become incredibly good at copying natural materials like marble. As a result, some people might not recognise an authentic material or realise that it needs to be treated differently.


Shockingly, the cleaner that caused the damage cost just 64p. A concentrated, specialist neutral detergent probably wouldn’t have cost any more, per wash. As awful as this story is, it serves as a good example.

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If you need additional assistance selecting your wood-grain tiles please do get in touch with us via our contact page or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists are more than willing to help with your request.

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