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Carrara marble effect

Carrara effect tiles give you all of the stunning properties of real marble without the associated costs involved. Inject a classic, sophisticated and modern look to any room by installing Carrara effect tiles. Italian in origin, highly polished and suitable for fitting on both floors and walls.

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Enhance your Interiors

Like real marble, Carrara effect tiles provide a clean, slick and timeless feel. Whether installed in a bathroom or kitchen, or as a beautiful feature wall for your living room, they offer the perfect accompaniment to a great number of different styles and decors. This provides an almost infinite flexibility when choosing your colour theme, or for future redecoration.

Gold, brass or silver finishings work particularly well as they complement the stylish and decadent feel of the Carrara tiles. If you are looking to incorporate wooden or oak finishes such as shelves or more decorative pieces into your interior design, Carrara effect tiles are an excellent choice as they have been made to look like real stone and will complement other earthy textures like wood.

Perhaps you’d prefer to go with brighter and bolder colours to finish off your living space? This works too as the marble effect acts as a blank canvas, giving you scope for all manner of colours and themes.

Durable and easy to clean

The polished white finish is completed by the veined pattern that gives that truly authentic marble look. So if you’re looking for a clean, elegant and slightly decadent finish to your home, Carrara effect tiles are the perfect solution. Having never gone out of style, you can rest assured that, by choosing this beautiful marble effect finish, your home will never feel old or outdated.

As well as being beautiful to look at, Carrara effect tiles are also highly durable and capable of coping with very high levels of footfall. While of course we all want the beautiful clean white living space, this is not always possible. The majority of homes will have to contend with all kinds of dirt and mess. Whether this is from pets or children ultimately your home is not a show-home and day-to-day dirt and grime will need to be easily cleaned away.

Luckily with Carrara effect tiles, you can not only experience all of the benefits of exquisite design, but also have tiles that are easy to clean and maintain.

Marble reflects light

A significant reason why these tiles offer timeless charm is because of their ability to reflect light. Because of this, the tiles create a feeling of spaciousness and are able to make any room appear brighter. Many designers use mirrors to visually enlarge rooms that may feel a little small otherwise; these tiles reflective nature enables you to achieve the same effect.

Increase the value of your home

Typically, when a home renovation project starts, you will have thought about how the project will enhance both the look and function of your home. You may even have thoughts about whether the work will increase the value of your home.
Your house is a large investment and any time you develop it, you will want to know that you’ll get your money back in the future. Carrara marble effect tiling will improve that possibility.

Reduce allergies

Do you or does anyone else living in your home suffer from allergies? Unlike carpet, these tiles will not collect dust, dander or pollen and if you do see dust start to collect on the surface of the tiles, it is easy to wipe up and remove.

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