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We stock a wide range of professional quality tiling tools, accessories and maintenance products from leading brands to help you achieve a high level finish for your tiling project. Browse tile cutters, cutting wheels, tile trims, tile spacers, tile nippers and more today at unbeatable prices.

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The right tools for the job

No matter the nature of the project, in order to complete it to the highest standard it’s important to have the correct tiling tools (and related tile accessories) for the job. We stock a huge range of tiling tools and accessories to help you do just that, so whether you’re in need of a manual tile cutter, tile adhesive or tile grout – we’ve got you covered.

How to choose tiling tools and tiling accessories

Choosing the most appropriate tools for your project can be difficult, especially if you’ve never tiled before. To help you make the decision we’ve put together a comprehensive ‘Guide to tiling tools and accessories‘.

We’ve also put together some helpful guides to hopefully help you to avoid some of the common problems and mistakes many people experience when new to the world of tiling.

Tiling guides

How To Grout Tiles In 8 Easy Steps

6 Step Guide: How To Remove And Replace A Broken Tile

How To Tile Around Obstructions Like Pipes

How To Fix Mouldy Grout Between Tiles

How To Remove And Replace Sealant – The Definitive 4 Step Guide

How To Cut Wall Tiles: 6 Helpful Methods

How Many Tiles Do I Need?


What general tiling tools & accessories do I need?

The tiling tools and tiling accessories you’ll need will depend on the nature of your tiling project. If you’re planning on tiling a large area it might be worth investing in an electric tile power saw instead of trying to use manual tile cutters. Likewise, you’re unlikely to need a stepladder to lay floor tiles. If you’re unsure exactly what you’ll need for your tiling project call us today on 01903 775778 or read our tiling tools buyers guide.

What is a pedestal system?

A tile pedestal system is a system by which (typically) large format tiles are laid over a pedestal (platform). Pedestals can be adjustable or fixed at a particular height, and the system enables tiles to be laid without the need for floor adhesive or grout. This works well for raised outdoor areas, creating a quick and easy patio in your garden.

What are tile backer boards?

Tile backer boards are prefabricated sheets that are placed on walls and floors prior to tiling to create a level and sturdy base for your tiles. Backer boards are typically constructed from cement based materials.

Delivery service

Once you’ve got everything you need for your tiling project in your basket you can choose to either collect your tiling tools and accessories from one of our store locations, or have them delivered kerbside (UK mainland only). We offer free delivery on all orders over £500.

Visit our showrooms

Need some help choosing the right tiles, tiling tools and accessories for the job? Why not drop in to one of our showrooms in Rustington or Twickenham? Our friendly team of experts are always on hand and happy to help answer any questions you may have, helping you decide which high quality tiling products are right for your upcoming project in order to achieve that professional finish.

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