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6 Easy Tips To Renovate A Bathroom On A Budget

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If you’re considering a bathroom remodel, then you’ll know that it can be quite an expensive process. However, there are some extremely simple and easy ways to update your bathroom without spending a lot of money.

With bathrooms being one of the most important rooms to upgrade in the house, as they are one of the rooms that add the most value, renovating one on a budget can make a huge difference to what your home is worth.

Using our expert knowledge, we have put together six of our top tips for upgrading your bathroom on a budget. For more advice, visit our friendly and helpful staff across our showrooms in the south east and midlands, or call your nearest branch.

Advice on cost effective bathroom renovation

1. Outline your design, budget and timeline beforehand

Having a solid plan and budget in place is essential with any home renovation project. Not only does it give you and your labourer a guideline to follow and stick to, it also means you will have a better understanding of the costs for the whole project.

Whilst some projects can go over budget due to unforeseen circumstances, if you have a budget in place then you can easily keep track of all of the costs, even if there are any areas that do go over budget.

Without a budget in place, it can be easy to go overboard with purchases and not actually realise the full extent of what the project has cost.planning in a notebook

2.Keep plumbing in place

One of the most expensive parts of a bathroom is labour, so if your bathroom remodel is quite labour intensive, then this will push up the final cost.

In order to keep the costs down, one of our top tips would be to keep all previous plumbing and pipework in place. As soon as you decide to move around the location of toilets, sinks and showers, this pushes the price up of the remodel as pipes will need to be moved in order to accommodate for these changes.

If you just want to update the toilet, sink and shower or bath, then purchasing new ones and fitting them exactly where the previous ones were will allow for a far quicker and cheaper bathroom remodel.

3.Do your own tiling

Tiling can take up a lot of time which can make the budget of your bathroom renovation soar. It can be extremely simple to tile your bathroom yourself and as long as you follow all of the steps carefully you can easily save yourself a lot of money.


We have produced a range of guides that can help you tile your space effectively and to a professional standard. Before undertaking the tiling yourself, we would recommend reading the following guides:

4.Upgrade what you already have

If you really are on a tight budget, then updating some of the hardware and furniture you have in your bathroom is an extremely quick and easy way to brighten up the room and make a huge difference.

Changing handles, taps, lighting, drains, towel racks and toilet roll holders can really help to give a room a new feel and instantly modernise it. Many discounted and affordable ranges are available that look modern and will provide a fresh look.

5.Give the room a coat of paint

A fresh coat of paint can go a long way to making a room look revitalised and feel brighter. If you aren’t able to update your whole bathroom at once, or just want to help improve it’s look then this will make a huge difference.

Painting the walls in particular will remove scuff marks and wear and tear and help bring out the potential of the room. You can even paint tiles temporarily to help update them until you are ready to get the whole bathroom done.

6.Go green

If you want to continue the savings after getting your bathroom renovated, then installing greener, water conserving technologies will help to make your home more efficient by saving water and money in the long run.

Choosing shower heads, toilets and sinks with low flow technology will ensure you are saving water, money and the environment over time. It could also improve your EPC rating which buyer’s do look at when looking to purchase a property.

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If you are looking to update your bathroom, speak to one of our expert members of staff or pop into one of our showrooms. We pride ourselves on offering some of the best deals on tiles and bathrooms, making it extremely affordable to bring your dream bathroom to life.


You can also browse our tile ranges online and order free samples of any tiles you like the look of.

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