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6 Tips To Choose The Best Tiles For Your Bathroom

If you’re planning on renovating your bathroom in the near future, then you know that choosing the right tiles is a very important part of transforming the room. With so many different colours, styles and finishes of tiles out there, it can be daunting to try and decide which tiles would look best in your bathroom.

Take a look through our guide below which details six of the most important considerations when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your bathroom.

Size matters

One of the most important things to consider, although not the most exciting when it comes to renovating your bathroom, is the size of the bathroom and the size of the tiles. Large format tiles can actually make a small bathroom look even smaller than it actually is, so make sure you look at tiles that will not drown the space out.

Choosing tiles that will complement the size of your bathroom will go a long way to making the space look its best, airy and light, rather than crowded and cramped.

It is also worth pointing out that smaller tiles equal more work, grout and effort, so if you do have a bathroom that is on the larger side, consider larger tiles to reduce the labour needed to install them.

Don’t over do it

Whilst choosing a couple of different styles of tiles can be a good idea to help create accent walls and a visual interest, experts recommend that it’s best not to use more than three tile types or styles in one bathroom space. This is because it can be a bit overwhelming and make the room look crowded and mismatched.

When choosing tiles for your bathroom, make sure you pick styles, finishes and colours that go together and look cohesive. You don’t want to go into your bathroom and have tiles that don’t line up because they are completely different shapes and styles or that the colours clash.

If you want to create an accent wall or space, then make sure any other tile that you use is more muted and neutral. If you have too many ‘showstopper’ tiles then it can once again be overwhelming and create too many focal points.

Consider the texture

Not only can textured tiles help to stand out and create a lovely focal point in any bathroom, they are also very useful to use as floor tiles. This is because they tend to be anti-slip, which makes them perfect for flooring, especially in showers.

As bathrooms need regular cleaning, use tiles on the walls, surfaces or worktops that are quick and easy to wipe down. This includes smooth or glossy tiles, as they are extremely easy to just spray and clean.

Hexagonal tiles in the loft ensuite

Create stand out areas

It’s great to create an accent area with tiles in your bathroom. Popular ways to do this are:

  • Use the bath as a feature – use specific tiles around the bath to help it stand out
  • The same can be done with the shower, creating a nice feature area with tiles can really make a difference to the room
  • Tile a whole wall in one, stand out tile, this can give the room added personality

For more information on how to tile, see our tiling guide for both wall and floor tiles..

Don’t forget about the floor

It is easy to just focus on picking the wall tiles and then choosing plain floor tiles as an afterthought, however the floor tiles are just as important as the wall tiles so make sure you put as much thought into choosing these as you do the rest of the room.

There is nothing wrong with picking a nice neutral colour, as this allows you to create focal points elsewhere in the room. If this is the case, then maybe choose something a bit textured or with an interesting shape to give it a bit of dimension.

Don’t be afraid to go bold either! Bold floor tiles are very on trend right now, so choosing something with a bright pattern can help give your room more personality. Make sure that everything else you choose fits in with the room though and there isn’t too much going on, taking into account that you’ll be adding in accessories once it’s completed.

Pick your colour palette

Before making any decision about what tiles to get, you should pick the colour scheme that you would like to go for in your bathroom. Depending on who is going to be using the bathroom, this might be an easy choice.

If this is going to be a largely unused guest bathroom, then it might be worth looking at budget friendly, neutral tiles that suit most peoples styles.

If it’s going to be a family bathroom, then using darker colours may be better as it won’t show up marks from dirty hands.

Visit one of our showrooms

If you would like some more help and advice on choosing the right tiles for your bathroom, then why not pop into one of our five showrooms across the south east? Not only are they packed full of different tile types and styles, our helpful staff are experts in all things tile and bathroom and would be happy to help you make the right decision.

You can also browse through our online shop of tiles here and order any free samples of tiles that you like the look of.

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