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Moroccan and arabesque patterns, like the ones featured in our patchwork range are growing immensely in popularity; with their striking efflorescent and geometric patterns being featured in trendy establishments and chic homes across the UK.

Patchwork designs are a particularly dazzling tiling option for a bathroom, kitchen or living area and comprise of unique patterns sitting side by side. They are magnificent when used to create a statement floor or feature wall.

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Historically, patterned tiles were the norm when decorating a wall or floor but as time went on, interior design became more and more minimalist. Only recently have we seen the return of patterned tiles to vogue and we are so thrilled to be able to offer our stunning patterned patchwork tile to our customers.

Get inspired

Typically, patterned tiles are inspired by the extraordinary designs of tiles from countries such as Spain, Italy, Greece and Morocco. In our range we have joined these styles together to help you create a striking masterpiece. However, some of the inspiration was also drawn from traditional British styles such as Victorian grandeur (think of the tiles you have come across in museums and galleries).

Create beautiful patterns

Another exciting aspect of the patchwork tile trend is that it enables you to mix and match the different tiles in whichever order/arrangement you see fit. You can choose to go completely random or use just one of the patchwork tile styles to create a uniform pattern.

This can result in innovative designs; each patchwork tile contains 16 ‘sqaures’ in a patchwork and when installed, creates a vibrant look with the appearance of many more tiles. Whatever you decide, it’s completely up to you. Our patchwork tile range allows for both unity and unpredictability in your interior design.


If you need additional assistance selecting a patterned tile for you home, we’d love to hear from you. You can contact us or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists will be ready and waiting to assist.