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Terracotta effect tiles are a beautiful way to introduce a traditional look into your home. Our collection boasts a number of terracotta effect tiles, from ceramic to porcelain materials.

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The yellow colour of terracotta emulates a farmhouse style and offers a warming and rustic feel. Our terracotta yellow effect tiles require little maintenance and look equally as beautiful as traditional terracotta.

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Traditional terracotta is constructed of flattened clay, which is cut to shape and then dried. Historically, it was used in most rural homes and that is why it’s heavily associated with the farmhouse look. It can be used to create a rural finish in the kitchen or bathroom, as well as, the dining room and hallway.

As natural terracotta tiles are made from clay, they are porous and are therefore tricky to maintain in order to prevent stains or damage. We understand that homeowners are looking for a low maintenance tile and that’s why we are proud to offer our collection of porcelain, terracotta yellow tiles that can be used throughout your home.

Transform your garden into an exotic haven

Are you considering incorporating a Mediterranean feel into your garden? In countries such as Italy or Spain, terracotta tiles are often used outside. Our tiles in this range are the perfect replacement for the current bricks or decking existing in your garden.

So, go on, close your eyes and imagine creating your very own version of the Med in your back garden… radiant amber hillsides, the delicate purple shades of lavender in the distance and the balcony from which you can revel with that view.

Our yellow terracotta effect tiles promise to introduce a taste of rural, exotic living into your garden or home with their traditional warmth and charm.


If you need additional assistance selecting a Yellow Terracotta effect tile for your garden or home please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists are ready and waiting to assist.