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Increasingly we are seeing the use of tiles in interior design in alternative places to their traditional areas such as the bathroom and kitchen. People are now opting to introduce the beauty, versatility and practicality of tiles into other areas of the home, such as bedrooms.

From deluxe feature wall tiles, to rustic wood-effect for a vintage feel we have a tile to suit your every need.

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Marble tiles

Often used in kitchens and bathrooms to add a sense of opulence, marble tiles can now be used in the bedroom too. Its mesmerising patterns, colours and finish make it a beautiful tile to implement into a feature wall in your bedroom. We promise that it will deliver a luxurious and timeless finish that is extremely durable.

Introduce texture

Texture in interior design can be used to highlight the overall theme of the room or enhance a certain pattern or colour used. Some textured stone tiles have a natural rock finish, such as travertine and wall cladding. You can also add character by introducing a different texture into your bedroom. In such a room where there’s generally a lot of soft furnishings, tiles can add a crisp and fresh look.

Use wood to add warmth

For those who are drawn to rustic and vintage interiors, then we suggest that you consider introducing wood-effect bedroom tiles. By using this style of tile on simply one or two of your walls, you will experience the benefits of the added character and warmth, not to mention the exciting texture.

At Eurotiles & Bathrooms we offer a wide range of wood-effect tiles in a number of colours and finishes. You can be sure to find a tile that perfectly mirrors your colour scheme and interior design style.

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