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We offer an incredible range of floor and wall tiles that offer great aesthetics as well as being durable and easy to maintain. Perfect for family homes, flats and outdoors areas, they are increasingly popular as the variety available and the combinations for patterns are nearly endless.

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Which tiles are right for which area?

Which tiles you choose is dependant on a range of factors and you should consider the natural lighting in the space, whether you want to make it look bigger, keep it simple or go for a unique tile pattern and get creative.

To make it easier, we have categorised all of our tiles into room types which you can browse above, however don’t feel too limited if your dream bedroom tile is in the kitchen section – the choice is truly yours!

For inspiration, marble effect tiles are particularly suited to modern and contemporary bathrooms and lighter colours such as cream if it’s a smaller space. These simple wall tiles could then be paired with monochrome floor tiles with an accent colour and more traditional look.

Typically, tiles made from porcelain are extremely durable and suit well-used spaces in a home, such as kitchens and dining rooms.

Contact our team

If you need help finding the best tiles for any area of your home, don’t hesitate to visit one of our showrooms or to call your nearest branch for expert advice.

If you’re planning your home renovations, we also supply an excellent range of tools and grout to help you get the job done.