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At Eurotiles & Bathrooms we provide DIY experts and homeowners with high quality bathroom fittings and fixtures – baths, showers, shower doors and screens, taps, washbasins, mirrors, valves, radiators, shelves, furniture and more- with beautiful ranges and suites from leading brands. Our team have sourced everything you need to design and install your dream bathroom, whatever your budget.

Columbia matt white bathroom

Working with top manufacturers with trusted reputations, you can’t go wrong whether you’re planning to upgrade your bath taps, invest in sleek bathroom mirrors, flooring or looking to completely redo each bathroom in your home. Imagine turning your tired or outdated bathroom suite into a modern space you’re excited to show-off; one that’s both great to look at and practical with ample storage and luxury bathroom accessories. This is what you can achieve with our ranges.

Our bathroom ranges

All of our ranges are beautifully designed and we can take you through the best installation process for the different fixtures involved. From traditional designs, to clean and modern suites, we also offer bold and stand-out looks for when you want to make a statement.

Available to view in our showrooms, we offer everything you need to design a stunning bathroom, whether it’s the large family bathroom or your space efficient en-suite. Infold shower doors are ideal for smaller spaces, whilst carefully placed mirrors can expand the size of the room to good effect. Where space allows, Edwardian style baths can be spectacular, combined with ample cabinet storage to hide away essentials like a toilet brush or spare loo roll in a basket.

Combine our ranges with our huge choice of bathroom tiles from luxury to budget in our online store – available in an incredible variety of sizes, shapes, textures and finishes.

Heated toilets and underfloor heating

What sets us apart from our competition, apart from the amount of choice and expertise we offer, is our luxury range of bathrooms accessories and high-tech features. We’re ahead of the curve and have an impressive selection of innovative Japanese style toilets, as well as underfloor heating from Thermosphere.

Japanese style toilets are stylish and sleek, offering a range of add-on features to make you feel cleaner and more comfortable, such as shower settings and ambient lights. They have become increasingly popular in the UK as a luxury feature of bathrooms that give you that little bit extra. Contact us to find out more about our Japanease toilets today.

For our underfloor heating, we have partnered with Thermosphere as we were amazed at the quality and style of their flooring. Energy efficient, their flooring keeps you feeling warm and toasty throughout winter and use less electrical energy than you think. Better for the environment, it’s also better for your pocket.

Get inspired in our showrooms

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Bathrooms are probably the most important rooms in a home and every design decision for your renovation works towards creating your dream look. When you think a bathroom can last upwards of four years, you want to get it right for you.

Whilst you can shop online and speak with our team about the finer details on the phone, we recommend coming in to visit our experts at your nearest showroom location. Here you can view the bathroom suites and bathroom accessories in person, gaining real-life knowledge of their quality and feel.

Combined with our expert on-hand to give advice, you’ll be able to get inspired and better picture the suite in your home, discovering how you and your family would enjoy making the most of it in the years to come. This is particularly useful should you choose items from different brands to create your own unique look, for example if you wanted to create a look incorporating a black bath screen from Merlyn with an ice white glass basin from Crosswater.

Who we work with

Whilst there are many manufacturers and brands in the bathroom industry, we’ve handpicked the very best to work with, ensuring you get the bathroom designs, furniture and fixtures you deserve. Due to our close relationships with these brands, we’re able to run offers and source specific items should you have any requests.

Famous brands Bauhaus, Roca and Burlington are particularly popular with our customers.

Browse our range and get inspiration by what’s on offer with something perfect to suit your tastes and needs.

Get started today

Don’t hesitate to contact our friendly team to learn more about our bathroom suites, fittings and accessories for bathrooms, and how we can supply you with state-of-the-art extras to add luxury to your home that you will enjoy for years to come.

We’re on hand to answer any questions, so please call us (01903 775778), fill out our contact form below, or contact us via via email ( You’ll also receive a warm welcome in any of our stores where you can view our traditional and modern ranges in person. Once you order with us, we can arrange delivery straight to your door.

We look forward to hearing from you and seeing the end result of your renovations.

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