Sybaritic Showering

Showers have always been the first choice for ensuites where space is normally at a premium but they are becoming more and more popular as many house owners abandon the idea of a bath in the family bathroom. Read more

Make the most of bathroom space

Whatever the size of your bathroom, you will probably feel that it could be larger.  Space is at a premium in most bath & shower rooms these days, especially ensuites.  But don’t worry there are various ways to maximise it and still end up with a beautifully designed room.

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Changing Shapes

Tile manufacturers are ringing the changes and tiles are now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

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Creating a Cosy Country Kitchen

Whether you live in a cottage or just hanker after a country style kitchen, you can get that cosy rustic look by a combination of tiles and accessories.

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Pattern Comes Alive Again

After years of plain tiles with minimal decoration, patterned tiles are back in fashion.

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Wonderful Wood

Why use wood effect tiles rather than the real thing?  Here’s a guide to using wood effect tiles in your home. Read more