Are you a tradesman?

Why not open a trade account with us?

We offer trade discounts on all bathroom products, tiles, adhesives and grouts and are in line or cheaper than almost all of our competitors on all of these products.

In addition to carrying over 4000 pallets of tiles, we also stock all types of adhesives, grouts,  underfloor heating, sealants and tools you may require to ensure a quality job, finished to the highest standard.

Our showrooms are open at least 6 days a week and our extensive stock holdings mean that you can take most items away on the day or arrange to have them delivered free of charge (for orders over £150 + VAT) at your convenience.

So whether you need a bag of grout or a quote for a complete renovation, we will always be happy to help and we’re sure you will be more than pleased with our friendly and efficient service.

Come in to see us and find out about the trade discounts we offer or fill in the application form and we’ll send you a trade card.

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