The Jakarta range includes tiles of both a dark and light nature, so how do you decide which shade to choose?

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Dark shades

Opt for the darker shades in the Jakarta range such as jakarta grey or jakarta taupe décor if you are wanting to create a dramatic tone for your home. These darker shades can easily be punctuated with vibrant features such as furniture and accessories or given a chic embellishment with pale sandy tones and taupes.

With a single hint of a daring colour, you can evoke heaps of personality. Why not try using a dark grey wall tile with bold citrusy tones such as zesty orange or sunny yellow in the kitchen?

Perfectly pale

The brighter tones in the Jakarta range, such as jakarta blanco are equally as chic as the darker colours but look good when paired with a broad spectrum of colours. The tones are a refreshing alternative to white and make a divine shade for use in interior design.

For a simple, yet striking look why not use the jakarta blanco tile and combine it with dark furnishings? Utilise dark wood furniture and some greenery to create a very on trend organic feel. Alternatively, jakarta taupe looks beautiful when combined with pale furniture to keep the space looking fresh whilst brightening up the entire room.

If you’re wanting to create a classic, refined scheme why not combine the soft shades of jakarta blanco and jakarta blanco decor in your living room and create a feature wall? These soft colours blend perfectly to create such a look.


If you need additional assistance choosing a tile from the Jakarta range please feel free to get in touch with us via our contact page or visit your nearest branch where one of our specialists are ready and waiting to assist.