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SmartHome Thermostat for use with your underfloor heating cable and matting. This SmartHome thermostat allows you to programme your underfloor heating with a 7 day heating schedule, and 2, 4 or 6 events per day. Allowing you to control your home your way.

A SmartHome Thermostat that can be used with cable and matting for underfloor heating. Your SmartHome thermostat can be programmed with a 7-day heating schedule as well as 2, 4 or 6 heating events per day. Giving you the freedom to control your home as you see fit.

Once the app is downloaded and paired with the Hub, you can control your underfloor heating from your phone. Additionally, Alexa/Google Assist can be linked to your thermostat so that you can control the underfloor heating with your voice. The temperature can be accurately controlled with the built-in ambient temperature sensor and the external floor sensor.

You can design an economical heating schedule for your underfloor heating that fits into your lifestyle, which can also be used without a wireless connection. Adjust the temperature manually to boost your underfloor heating until the next scheduled event.

Smart technology in abundance

Enjoy the benefits of our most feature-rich underfloor heating thermostat yet

  • Ambient and floor temperature sensing
  • Window & door open/close detection
  • 7-day programmable heating schedule

When ordering, please be aware that we automatically add in 10% overage on your submitted required area.

What is overage?

Overage is a safety to ensure you have enough tiles required for your project. Overage also ensures you have extra tiles to cover you in the event of human error during installation, such as breakages, and so that you can store spares for future use should tiles become damaged over time. This is particularly important as tiles can be discontinued, making it a challenge to match if you don’t have spares of the originals.

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