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BELLOTA Tech 125 Tile Cutter


• DOUBLE ROTATING PROTACTORS: This patented feature allows optimal support and enhanced cutting

versatility at all angles.

• SEPARATOR: Heavy-duty breaking arch with up to 1,000 kg / 2,205 lbs capacity for easy and clean tile

separation, even high-density porcelain.

• Double self-lubricating bushings. Glide maximum precision and fluidity.

• Unique guiding system built with round rail bars made of chrome-plated solid steel and aluminium stands

for maximum wear resistance, smooth gliding and precise scoring.

• Comes in trolley bag for lightness and portability.


• For professional installer with the most demanding needs.

• For cutting large Formats (125 cm / 49.2 inches).

When ordering, please be aware that we automatically add in 10% overage on your submitted required area.

What is overage?

Overage is a safety to ensure you have enough tiles required for your project. Overage also ensures you have extra tiles to cover you in the event of human error during installation, such as breakages, and so that you can store spares for future use should tiles become damaged over time. This is particularly important as tiles can be discontinued, making it a challenge to match if you don’t have spares of the originals.

If you are unsure, please get in touch with a member of our team before submitting your order online.

Please note that shipping prices are calculated at checkout and will be based on the total order contents.


Your delivery is scheduled between dates from 8.00am until 18.00pm

Please note deliveries are kerb side only.

All deliveries are to be checked and signed for against the original invoice. Please inform us within 3 days from point of delivery of any shortages or damages, anything reported after this time will not be accepted or replaced.

In the event of damages, breakages or shortages please mark this on the driver’s delivery note as no claims will be accepted if signed as received (once signed it will be presumed that the goods are undamaged).

For full details please see our Shipping and Delivery page.

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