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Bellota Cutting Wheel 10mm Titanium

£12.60 (inc vat)


• Universal scoring wheel designs which also comes with a universal adaptor for a perfect adjustment in other
ceramic cutters from brands other than Bellota. PATENT PENDING.
• Scoring wheel handles are made from forged steel with an octagonal section very robust and resistant.
• High quality Tungsten Carbide scoring wheel. Highly resistant and durable, last for up to 25% longer.
• Special titanium carbonitride coating for the Titanium line. Which lengthens the life of the roller even more, up
to 20% more compared to the rest of the line.
• Excellent precision throughout the line. Golden ratios on the 18 mm measurement which gives greater stability
and support to the axis of rotation. PATENT PENDING.
• For Using with the Bellota POP and PRO line machines.
• Comes with the universal adaptor for use with manual ceramic cutters from the following brands: Cortag*,
Irwin*, Toolkraft*, Rubi*; Pocket range*, Star*, TS* and TR*.

Tile Specifications

Weight 0.055 kg