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Bellota 3mm T Spacers – Qty 200

£3.48 (inc vat)


• Made with 100% virgin material, no impurities. Homogenous quality, no chipped edges.
• Squared perfectly at 90º: maximum precision, which guarantees an excellent finish in joints.
• Reinforced structure: maximum durability and strength. Tiles keep in place both vertically and
horizontally. They do not move.
• They can be piled up, tile spacer 5 and 7 mm, so height is gained without losing precision.
• To obtain the perfect joints when laying ceramic pieces, both in terms of wall tiles and floor tiles.
• Maximum strength, reinforced and rigid tile spacers that are ideal to use with large format ceramic.

Ideal for use when tiling brick fashion.

Tile Specifications

Weight 0.090 kg