Tile manufacturers are ringing the changes and tiles are now available in all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Who says tiles need to be square?

different shaped tilesIf you’re too young to remember a 1970s bathroom and/or haven’t bought a house with one in, you may not be aware that tiles weren’t always produced as rectangles. Well differently shaped tiles are making a comeback, although the lurid 70s colours schemes haven’t made it back quite yet.


Hexagonal tiles are the most popular, in both large and small sizes on floors as well as walls.  But there are lots of different shapes around as well, as this medley of pictures from the recent tile show in Bologna shows.


Brick shaped tiles are also being used a lot and a herringbone pattern is one of the most popular ways to fix them.

Mix & Match

Whatever shape you choose, use them in panels of one colour and play with more than one shape.  Or add a patchwork of patterned tiles to bring it bang in line with the latest fashions and you’ll have a kitchen or bathroom which looks great and breaks the rectangular mould.