Showers have always been the first choice for ensuites where space is normally at a premium but they are becoming more and more popular as many house owners abandon the idea of a bath in the family bathroom. 

In fact 75% of the “bathrooms” that we sell have a shower rather than a bath.  The reasons are mainly to do with space, time and economy: there is no waiting for a shower to fill, it uses less water and therefore costs less for both the water and heating.  For older people showers are more practical as they are easier to get in and out of than baths.

However it isn’t all about practicality and penny-pinching.  Gone are the days of fiddling for hours with the taps to get the right water temperature, then being frozen or scalded when someone turned a tap on elsewhere in the house.  Modern technology and/or thermostatic mixers now take care of all of that.  And even in places with low water pressure, a pump ensures adequate water to make showering a pleasure.

Added extras

Crosswater Reflect White Shower

Crosswater’s Reflect shower uses light to make bathing a sybaritic experience

If you are after more than a quick shower to get you clean, there are plenty of alternatives.  Fold up seats allow you to sit down or to clean your feet more easily! Shower cabinets equipped with body jets provide a warm water massage which will help you unwind after a hard day.  Or why not add a Helo steam generator and a fold up seat or two and turn your shower cubicle into a luxurious steam room.  You can even add fibre optic lighting, music and aroma therapy for the full sybaritic experience.

Talk to us for advice about which sort of shower to choose and the different alternatives from power showers, through wet rooms to steam rooms.