Whatever the size of your bathroom, you will probably feel that it could be larger.  Space is at a premium in most bath & shower rooms these days, especially ensuites.  But don’t worry there are various ways to maximise it and still end up with a beautifully designed room.

  1. Storage

    Over 50% of bathrooms have some form of storage – be it a vanity unit or other cupboards around the basin area.  This helps you to avoid cluttered surfaces and gives you somewhere to store toiletries, towels and other items.  Modern units are often wall hung which allows you to keep the floor free and avoid dust getting trapped underneath units.

  2. Wall hung and back to wall sanitary ware
    Basins and even toilets are increasingly wall hung or, in the case of basins, nestle on top of vanity units, allowing you to save space by combining the two.   Back to wall toilets make a room larger as the space taken up by the concealed cabinet is less than that of a ceramic cistern.  Wall hung toilets also make the floor easier to clean.
  3. Showers not baths
    More and more homes have a shower room as the main “bathroom” and 75% of the “bathrooms” that we supply at Eurotiles & Bathrooms contain a shower rather than a bath.  This seems to be because of the time it takes to run a bath and sometimes because people who are less mobile find it more difficult to get out of the bath.   Fold up shower seat are also very popular: people use them to balance their foot on when they are washing.  Another bonus is that showers are more economical than baths.  And last but not least not having a bath doesn’t seem to affect the “saleability” of a property.
    However if you like to soak your cares away and don’t want to sacrifice a bath, the “shower bath” option is well worth considering.  This is where the shower end of the bath is wider than the other, giving more space for showering.
  4. Compact suites
    If space really is tight, then there are compact suites made specially for smaller rooms which can be teamed with slim line cabinets to ensure that everything fits without sacrificing looks or storage space.
  5. Larger tiles

    Finally chose larger rather than smaller tiles for the walls and floors as having less grout lines makes the space look bigger.

Whatever you chose for your bath or shower room it’s worth spending a little extra on good quality taps and shower fittings that will last.  Buy matching ones from the same range to ensure that everything is coordinated throughout the room.