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Lapatto in Italian translates as ‘semi polished’ and the porcelain tiles in our range make use of this technique. Lapatto tiles feature a highly distinguished design and their primary characteristic is the way in which they incorporate two depths, one of which is matt, whilst the other is shiny and reflects light.

This style of tile is commonly used in bathrooms as it has the ability to brighten up a space and does not absorb water, meaning it’s extremely durable and simple to keep clean.

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How can you incorporate lapatto tiles into your home?

If you’re searching for striking, durable and easy to clean flooring, the semi polished tiles in the lapatto range are the perfect choice for you.

They are referred to as ‘semi polished’ as they don’t have a high gloss shine but most definitely have an eye-catching gleam. As they are not high gloss or extremely shiny, the lapatto tiles embody the natural beauty of stone.

They can be easily incorporated in any room of the home, from the kitchen all the way through to the hallway.

Get creative with lapatto tiles

Our lapatto tiles aren’t only suitable for use on the floors of your kitchen and bathrooms. They can be used to design floors in a number of places where durability is essential, such as around fireplaces, where ash can easily damage wooden flooring and carpets.

In addition, they make for a perfect flooring option in hallways where shoes often bring in dirt and mud from outdoors. Wherever you choose to feature these tiles, you can unleash your imagination and begin designing a beautiful interior.

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