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Tile Trends For 2022

Whether you’re an interior designer, a keen DIY’er or simply like to keep your finger on the pulse you’ll no doubt have noticed that tile trends have changed considerably over decades. 1920’s art deco terrazzo tiles gave way to the pastel tiles synonymous with the 1950’s, which in turn were replaced by industrial style natural stone tiles in the early 2010’s. All this (and more) happened whilst the eternally popular white gloss subway tiles (also known as metro tiles) seemingly never went out of favour. So what do the tile trends for 2022 look like? Glossy tiles? Matt tiles? Patterned tiles? Will it be the rectangular tile or square tiles for the kitchen backsplash? Will we see natural marble tiles on shower walls, or will the new bathroom tile trends veer toward hexagonal tiles with metallic accents as the focal point?

We’ve put together this tile guide of the most popular tile trends for 2022, to help you to make an informed decision for your next tiling project.

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Our top tile trends for 2022

Tiles are a simple and highly effective way to completely transform a room, instantly changing its colour, feel and overall aesthetic, whether you decide to create impact by using a bold tile in a small space, or cover a large area with something more in keeping with traditional styles.

Beauty, is of course as we know, in the eye of the beholder. What appeals to one may not necessarily interest another, but we’ve put together this list of what we think are going to be some of the most popular and pleasing tile trends for the upcoming year, and we think that you’ll agree (at least for the most part!).

Subway tiles (Metro tiles), with a twist

The subway tile has seemingly been an endlessly classic tile for many years, so is it possible that it is still fashionable in 2022? Well, quite frankly that depends on who you ask, but in our opinion it is very much still in style. Interestingly however, subway tile trends have expanded with many designers opting to ‘stack’ tiles vertically rather than the more traditional horizontal configuration. Similarly, the standard subway tile (typically 3″ x 6″) has to make way for its larger brother, with tiles of up to 4″x 12″ becoming the favoured option.

Biophilic spaces

Another massive trend in bathrooms and kitchen design is creating spaces full of plants, natural colours and floral decor (biophilic design). Filling your space with plants will not only make your space look amazing, but it will actually be good for your health. Plants are well known for improving air quality and can even reduce stress. So why not kick back and relax even more in a bathroom filled with plants, flowers and natural design.

Don’t have a lot of space for plants? Try using hanging plants to save space and decorate the room using natural colours such as greens, creams and browns.

Patterned tiles

The trend for patterned tiles originated from the Mediterranean, heavily patterned tiles are an excellent way to add some pzazz to your home, easily transforming any monotone space into something exciting and vibrant. Whether you prefer small or large format tiles for your kitchen backsplashes or porcelain or ceramic tiles for your bathroom walls – it’s no problem – there are patterned options for all of the above!

Popular styles for 2022 include:

  • Moroccan (Moorish)
  • Chevron
  • Herringbone
  • Mosaic

Marble tiles

Marble is a huge trend for all spaces in the home, whether you choose marble worktops for your kitchen, or marble floor tiles for your living space. They offer a neutral but sophisticated look in any home and will stand the test of time.

One of the main benefits of choosing marble in your home is that it never goes out of fashion. As tastes and styles change, marble is always a popular option and will always go with any changing theme you have in your home.

Block colour designs

Colour blocking is a simple way to create a bold statement. Whether you choose to opt for a single primary colour, or a mixture of 2 or more colours in combination, colour blocking can help to define a space, and when paired with matching furniture, paint and other accessories it can create something truly spectacular.

Colours will directly influence the feel of a room so consider carefully the ambience you’re aiming for before committing to a colour scheme. Green hues can help to create an easy on the eye natural feel whilst varying shades of reds can suggest the feeling of warmth in otherwise ‘cold’ feeling spaces.

When choosing the colours for your tiling project consider:

  • Colours that compliment each other
  • Which colours create either ‘warm’ or ‘cool’ connotations
  • Colour combinations – Triads / Analogous / Monochromatic

Block coloured tile design


In direct contrast to the trend above, monochrome is really making a comeback this year. Homeowners are choosing to design spaces that feature black, white and chrome colours. This simple but effective look can create a clean and welcoming space in your home. 

As monochrome features neutral colours, you can easily add a splash of colour with decorations and update the look easily and on a budget as the years go by.

Coloured brassware

Traditionally, most bathrooms and kitchens used chrome or stainless steel finishes when it comes to taps and showers etc. However more recently, coloured brassware has become increasingly popular with more and more people opting for:

  • Black brassware
  • Brushed brass
  • Copper

This can really turn a sink or bath into a beautiful feature and create a unique style for your home. 

This type of brassware works perfectly for homes and spaces that have a mix of traditional and modern styles, which is another popular trend this year.

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With more than 40 years experience providing tiles and related accessories to both the private and commercial sectors we have a huge range of experience when it comes to tiling designs, trends and fashions. If you’d like to know more about our top trends for 2022, or have any questions about any of the tools and accessories we stock please give our team a call on 01903 775778.We also have three showrooms across the south east which stock a wide range of products. Discover your nearest branch and pop in to speak to our knowledgeable team about our all things tile related.

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