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Tile Sample Guide

So, you’ve decided that you’re going to incorporate tiles into your next home project. You’ve got a rough idea of how you’d like it to look upon completion, with a general vision of feel and aesthetic. But how do you make sure the tiles you’ve chosen are going to look just right in the space? Print out the picture and stick it to the wall? Hold your phone / laptop / tablet up to the wall? You could… But this may not always be a true representation of your preferred tile. So, what to do?

To give you the peace of mind that you’ve chosen correctly, we’ll send out up to 4 cut tile samples, completely free of charge! Simply choose up to 4 tile designs that you wish to sample, add them to your basket and we’ll do the rest. It really couldn’t be easier!

How to choose tile samples

When choosing the perfect tiles for your project there are some important factors to consider before you select your free tile samples:

  • Style and aesthetic
    Are you looking to recreate a bathroom tile trend you’ve seen or do you want to opt for a classic colourway?
  • Tile finish
    Have you decided on matt or gloss tiles?
  • Shape and size of tile
    Are you looking at traditional metro styles or modern hexagon tiles?

    When considering these options you’ll also want to think about the following:

The space

The space that you’re intending to tile will of course dictate the type, size and style of your tiles. For example, if you’re going to be tiling a small, dark(er) space like a W.C or cloakroom then you might consider a lighter coloured tile which will help to make the space feel larger and lighter. If you’re planning on tiling an outdoor space, for example, you might consider using large format tiles for both a kitchen floor and adjoining patio space to create a ‘straight through’ effect in which both spaces flow into one another.

The style

Are you looking to create a minimalistic, modern chic aesthetic or something more traditional? Something bright and airy or perhaps darker, with a cosier feel to it. Large format plain tiles (in any number of colours) will help to create that contemporary style whilst smaller, perhaps even patterned or mosaic tiles help to create something more reminiscent of, say, Victoriana heritage.


Finally, the location of where your tiles will be laid as well as their expected usage will ultimately influence your final choice. Tiles intended to be laid in areas of particularly high traffic or stress such as bathroom floors, kitchen splashbacks and hallway floors should be easy to clean and very hard wearing. Conversely, tiles intended for use on bedroom walls for example do not need to be anywhere near as hard wearing or easy to maintain.

Ordering tile samples

When you’ve chosen your tiles considering all the above factors it’s so simple to order your free cut samples. Simply browse our collection of tiles – by finish, colour, size and material – and choose up to 4 sample tiles. Once you’ve selected a sample tile simply click the ‘Add Free Cut Sample’ tab and your tile will be added to your basket.

As part of our sample service, your first 4 cut tile samples will be delivered completely free of charge. Tiles are delivered directly using Royal Mail 2nd class service and we aim to have your free cut samples delivered to you within 3 working days.

What to do with tile samples

Once you’ve received your tile samples you can get to work deciding on which best suits the space. Our top tips for making the most of your tile sample:

  • Leave your sample tiles on display
    On the wall or floor for as long as possible, tiles will change in appearance based on the time of day and light levels in the room. This will allow you to see how your chosen tile works in the space and is the best way to help decide between tiles.
  • Compare tiles
    If you’ve ordered 4 samples for one space, display them next to each other with a small space in between so you can see which ones you find more appealing in the space.

Get a 2nd opinion
Okay, we know ultimately it’s your decision but it can often be helpful to get a 2nd opinion from someone you know and trust.

Ordering tiles for your space

So, you selected your samples, had them delivered, and displayed and now you’ve decided which tile you’ll be going for. What’s next? Well, you’re going to need to decide exactly how many of those tiles you’ll need for your space. How best to do that? Well, it’s simple!

Check out our comprehensive DIY guide on ‘How to measure tiles for your walls and floors‘.

Shop tiles online and in store

Want to know more about our free tile samples? You can call our customer service team on 01903 775778, or email us at [email protected]. Or, if you’d prefer you can always drop into your local store. Got a trade account? You can contact us here. Haven’t got one? Apply for one now!

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