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The Ultimate Guide To Underfloor Heating

Underfloor Heating Bathroom Floor

Underfloor heating is far from a new concept, in fact the origins of underfloor heating date back thousands of years. As would be expected over such an extensive period of time the technology involved has advanced considerably, and underfloor heating is now one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to heat your home or business premises.

Our electric underfloor heating systems (UFH systems) can be installed under a wide range of floor coverings as part of a new build project, or retrospectively atop pre-existing floors making it the ideal solution for those wanting to upgrade without the additional work required to install alternative underfloor heating solutions.

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What is underfloor heating?

Underfloor heating really is as simple as it sounds – it’s a comprehensive ‘underfloor’ heating system for your home or business premises which sits just below your chosen flooring in replacement of a traditional gas or electric central heating system.

How underfloor heating works

Essentially dry underfloor heating works by converting your entire floor area into a primary heat source. The heating system utilises a system of looped pipes, cables or pre-cabled matting through which electricity is evenly distributed in order to heat the floor directly above it.

Dry underfloor heating systems are connected to a mains electricity supply. The temperature can be monitored using traditional or intelligent thermostats, and much like traditional radiators can be adjusted or isolated on a room by room basis.

The benefits of underfloor heating

Although all underfloor heating works in much the same way, dry underfloor heating systems differ in terms of running costs, installation and efficiency. Let’s compare some of the benefits:

Easy to install

  • Can be installed on top of existing flooring
  • Quicker installation time and lower cost than wet underfloor heating
  • Can be installed beneath tile, stone, wood or carpet

Energy efficient heating and environmentally friendly

  • c25% more energy efficient than traditional heating solutions
  • Even heat distribution eliminating cold spots
  • Improved energy efficiency rating (EPC)
  • Underfloor heating uses risen heat rather then convection heat like a radiator, therefore you have less heat loss in taller areas of the home

Dry underfloor heating systems typically operate at a much lower temperature, between 35-50°C, whilst traditional heating solutions like radiators often run at temperatures up to 57-120°C!

Minimal space required

  • Mitigate the requirement for bulky radiators, storage heaters or stoves
  • Creates additional wall space
  • Offer increased interior design freedom
  • Ideal for open plan living, smaller spaces and minimalist designs

Improved air quality

  • Heat is evenly distributed horizontally and vertically
  • Radiant heated floors do not dry air unlike traditional heating solutions
  • Hypoallergenic as reduces movement and build up of dust, mould etc.

Low maintenance and reduced heating bills

  • Requires almost no maintenance once installed

On average it costs 2.1 pence per hour per SQM to run our underfloor heating system, which equates to roughly 50p per 24 hour day.

How much is underfloor heating?

We’ve partnered with Thermosphere to offer high quality, low cost (dry) electric underfloor heating systems. We offer our customers a bespoke consultation and advice service to ensure your underfloor heating system meets your individual requirements, as well as professional installation and ongoing aftercare support.

Our electric underfloor heating systems comprise:

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How to install underfloor heating systems

Every project is unique and comes with its own set of challenges. Some underfloor heating installations are much simpler than others, especially when systems are installed on new build or large renovation projects.

Dry/electric underfloor heating systems are typically easier to install than wet underfloor heating systems, but whilst it is possible to install underfloor heating systems alone we would always recommend having your underfloor heating installed by a qualified professional.

We have years of combined experience installing underfloor heating on projects of all sizes, from new builds to retrofits, and can take care of the entire installation process for you.

Why choose an underfloor heating system?

Choosing the right underfloor heating system for your home or business premises presents numerous financial, environmental and health and wellbeing benefits.

Our electric underfloor heating systems are perfect for small scale projects like kitchens, bathrooms, lounges, hallways and conversions. They offer a range of smart features, are easy to use and allow complete control of your heating and energy use whether you’re at home, work or even on holiday – all from your smartphone.

Order underfloor heating for your home

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