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Matt Or Gloss Tiles For Your Kitchen And Bathroom?

When getting your bathroom or kitchen renovated, there are lots of decisions that need to be made to ensure you’re happy with the final look. Many of these choices are often about colour or style, but another decision that can be sometimes overlooked is whether to have matt or gloss tiles.

Whilst this may not seem like one of the most important decisions to make, they can offer very different finishes in your bathroom or kitchen, so it’s worth thinking about what best suits you and your aesthetic before making a final decision.

Using our expert knowledge and extensive experience in the tile industry, we have put together some of the top considerations you should think about when trying to choose between matt and gloss tiles.

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How to choose between matt and gloss tiles

Use our checklist below to consider the main factors that will likely influence your decision:

ConsiderationGloss TilesMatt Tiles
Room Size Make small rooms appear largerNo impact
MaintenanceRequire more frequent cleaningRequire less frequent cleaning
Lighting Make darker rooms appear lighterNo impact
GripCan be slipperyFar better grip
CleaningWill show marks, but easy to clean with wipesShow less marks, but harder to clean
StyleModern and elegantNatural and rustic

Room size

Glossy tiles are perfect for smaller sized rooms, as their reflective qualities make light bounce around the room, allowing the room to appear larger than it actually is.
This makes gloss tiles a great choice for:

  • cloakrooms
  • smaller bathrooms
  • smaller kitchens
  • utility rooms

Whilst matt tiles won’t make a small sized room look any smaller, they won’t do anything to make the room look any bigger and if this is an issue for you, then gloss tiles may be your best option.

Corato Ivory kitchen.
Corato ivory kitchen tiles


Matt tiles are actually far lower maintenance than glossy tiles. This is because they show up marks, stains, smudges and watermarks far less than glossy tiles. This makes them an excellent option for busy spaces such as family bathrooms, or well loved kitchens, as they require far less frequent cleaning and maintenance.

If smear marks and other dirt showing up easily is something that gets on your nerves, then choosing matt tiles could be the best solution for you.


Similar to those that have issues with small spaces, if the room you’re redecorating is quite dark, maybe it doesn’t have any windows, then gloss tiles are probably the best choice. Due to the shiny and reflective surface, the room will instantly feel brighter and lighter, even if there isn’t much natural light.

Again, matt tiles wouldn’t make the room feel any darker, especially if you go with lighter tiles such as white or cream, but it won’t do anything extra to give the room a boost of light that it may need.


Gloss tiles can end up being quite slippery, especially when wet, so it’s worth considering if this could potentially be an issue for you. For example, if you have very young kids who are unsteady on their feet or have elderly people living in your home, then having gloss floor tiles could be problematic.

If you’re having a wet room designed then it might be best to choose a matt tile, as otherwise, the whole room could become a slip hazard after someone has used it.

Matt tiles have a far better grip so are an excellent option for floor tiles. As mentioned above, they also don’t show up dirt very easily so no matter how much traffic they get, they will stay looking fresh and clean.

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Whilst matt tiles show up far less dirt and marks, they are actually tougher to clean than gloss tiles. Gloss tiles are easily wipeable and you can easily remove any marks quickly and effectively. With matt tiles, you need to scrub a lot more to remove any stains that may have appeared.

Metro white kitchen tiles
White gloss metro kitchen tiles

It all depends on what lifestyle you and your family live, if you are always outside, getting muddy and messy and this transfers to your home easily, then choosing gloss tiles may be the right solution for you as they can easily be wiped clean.


If you’re looking for a more natural, rustic look in your bathroom or kitchen, then matt tiles are the way forward. There is a wide range of slate effect, stone effect and wood effect tiles that will give your home a natural, calming feel.

Gloss tiles tend to be more modern looking, using neutral colours such as white and cream, and add an air of elegance into any home.

Gloss vs matt

When it comes to deciding whether matt or gloss tiles are better for bathrooms and kitchens, it really is down to personal preference. However, as kitchens and bathrooms tend to have a lot of daily usage and can get dirty pretty quickly due to this use, gloss tiles may be the best option for you, as they are quick and easy to clean off any food marks from cooking or water marks from the shower and sink.

Columbia matt white bathroom
Columbia matt white wood effect bathroom tiles

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