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Choosing The Right Hallway Tiles

The hallway as the entrance to your home is the perfect place to give visitors a great first impression. Although you don’t tend to spend much time in your hallway and they are usually spaces for storage of coats and shoes, it’s always worth brightening it up and taking the time to choose the perfect tiles for this area.

As the hallway gets a lot of traffic, you want to choose something hard wearing and long standing to ensure longevity. Discover our top tips for choosing the right hallways tiles below.

Modern v traditional

The first thing you need to decide is whether you are going for a more modern and contemporary look, or a more traditional or Victorian style entrance to your home. This all depends on the age of your home and the style that you are going for throughout.

Modern tiles tend to be far more simple and trendy than the timeless traditional style tiles. This is because they are usually solid colours, most likely a white or grey, that are glossy and are perfect for new build homes. They add a classy and elegant look to any home and are super easy to fit in with your current style.

Traditional tiles tend to feature patterns or mosaic style elements which bring personality into any home. If you’re looking for something a bit Victorian, choose tiles that have a floral element or contrasting monochromes.

There is no right or wrong choice when it comes to choosing the right tiles for your home as it will ultimately come down to personal taste and budget, so take your time to choose what works best for you.

Patterned v neutral

Patterned tiles are becoming increasingly popular and are very on trend at the moment. This is because they instantly brighten up any room and can really make it look unique. Whilst patterned tiles are very aesthetically pleasing, colour schemes and style changes can be limited, as too much colour and pattern can make a room look too busy.

Neutral tiles fit in with any colour scheme and give you the opportunity to brighten up walls and shelving in your hallway without clashing with the floor. This also makes them very long lasting, as you can constantly change your colour schemes and styles without having to update your flooring regularly.

Wood effect tiles

Wood effect tiles are also another extremely popular tile to use in hallways. Wooden flooring has always been a popular choice, however it can be very difficult to maintain and it requires a lot of attention to keep it looking nice. That’s why wood effect tiles have become the next best choice to the real thing as they are extremely durable, easy to maintain and stay looking good for longer.

With so many different styles out there, it’s really easy to find the natural looking wood tiles you’re after. Choose from lighter woods, ones with natural shading and exposed grains, or even beautiful parquet style tiles.

What to consider

When choosing tiles for your hallway, you should always consider the following things before making your final decision:

  • Style – does your home have a modern feel, more traditional or are you going for something a bit industrial looking?
  • Colour scheme – pick tiles that perfectly match in with the colour scheme in your hallway and suit the natural light
  • Size – if your hallway isn’t very spacious, then don’t choose large format tiles, as this can actually make the space look smaller
  • Use – as hallways tend to get quite a lot of traffic, choose tiles that are easy to wipe down and clean

Tile options

Discover some of our suggested tile options that work perfectly in hallways.

Traditional tiles

Perfect for Victorian or traditional style homes, these floral, decorative Victorian style tiles by Gabbio come in five different designs which can be laid in different formations to fit the look you are going for.

Featuring an anti slip surface, they are perfect for hallways that get a lot of use and traffic.

Patterned tiles

These amazing, multi coloured, patterned tiles by Marau are the perfect way to inject colour into your hallway. The Moroccan style tiles come in a range of designs and can be laid in different patterns to create a unique style.

Neutral tiles

These stunning luxurious, cream ivory polished tiles by Lima are extremely popular and perfect for giving the illusion of space. Easy to clean, stylish and a lovely neutral colour, they will fit in with any colour scheme.

Wood effect tiles

Parquet flooring is always a popular choice when it comes to hallway floors, and these entwined slatted wood effect glazed tiles by Alba give you a maintenance free, authentic wood option. Created to perfectly reproduce a realistic wood finish, these tiles come in natural wood grains that look just like traditional wood floors.

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