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Case Study – Complete Bathroom Renovations

In 2019 Eurotiles & Bathrooms were the chosen supplier of tiles for the Goodheart family’s home renovation project. Here we look at the beautiful results of their work and how they achieved their desired look.

The Goodheart family bought their dream home in 2018, but it needed a lot of work to get the house exactly how they wanted it. Throughout 2019, they have completely renovated the kitchen, four bathrooms and added a loft conversion to the home.

When renovating the bathrooms, they visited Eurotiles for the tiles in four of their bathrooms. With varying tastes and styles in the home, there were a wide range of different tiles for them to choose from to help them achieve the look they were going for.

Ensuite bathroom renovations

Tiles used:

  • Neapolitan Porcelain Black Tile by Ca’ Pietra
  • Neapolitan Porcelain Blue Tile by Ca’ Pietra
  • Metro Tiles by Solid
  • Carrara Marble Effect Tiles by Asia
  • Small and Large White Hexagonal Tiles by Kingston

The Monochrome Ensuite

When the family moved into the home, the ensuite for their eldest son was very dated and not particularly practical. It featured a lot of pink and white tiles that were very dated and had obviously been there for a while.

Before - Monochrome Bathroom

Their son wanted a green bathroom but they compromised by creating a stunning monochrome room with green accessories, making it look far more contemporary and stylish.

The floor tiles they used in this room were the Neapolitan Porcelain Black tile by Ca’ Pietra, an extremely hard wearing and modern looking tile that can be used for floors and walls and are perfect for making a room look clean, fresh and stylish.

They went for our classic white Metro Tiles by Solid for the splashback and the tiling in the shower. The white tiles along with the dark grout make a simple yet effective statement in this room.

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The Main Ensuite

The second bathroom the family renovated was the main ensuite that was attached to the master bedroom. Originally, this was a separate toilet and bathroom which the family knocked into one larger room.

Again, this bathroom was extremely dated when they moved in, it had pink carpet, was leaking and generally hadn’t been looked after or updated recently.

Before - Main Ensuite
They added a bath, double basin, double shower and a toilet to the room.

The tiles they picked were stunning marble effect tiles that are perfect for making any room look elegant and opulent. As the family wanted a wet room, they made sure to choose the right tiles that were suitable for this amount of water.

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The recesses in the shower used our marble pebble tiles, so they followed the same style as the rest of the room but stood out against the rest of the marble.

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The Loft Ensuite

The loft rooms were an addition to the house, as they decided to have a complete loft renovation that featured another bedroom and bathroom.

On the walls in the shower, they used large, white mosaic hexagonal tiles by Kingston, whilst on the floor and in the recess, they used smaller Kingston mosaic hexagonal tiles. They then coupled this brushed brass fittings from Crosswater and pink accessories, to add a bit of colour.

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The Final Ensuite

For the final bathroom, their youngest sons ensuite, they chose the same tiles as they had in the monochrome bathroom – Neapolitan Porcelain Ca’ Pietra but in a stunning blue that really adds a beautiful statement and splash of colour to the room.

Ca Pietra Tiles in Ensuite Bathroom

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If you are renovating any rooms in your home, whether it be your kitchen, bathroom, hallway or even a bedroom, and are looking for the perfect tiles to finish the room off, our team can help. We stock hundreds of tiles by a range of different brands and in a variety of styles to suit all tastes.

If you’re local, visit one of our showrooms across the south east and speak to our expert team about your requirements, as well as browse our tiles in person. If you’re a bit further afield, we have a large range of tiles on our website for you to order free samples or order the exact amount.

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